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    July 8th, 2010

    By Danny Manus


    Many of you know me as a film guy – but in my heart, I’m a total TV whore. I watch everything. I love film, but sometimes I wish I could marry television.  And the Emmys are like my Christmas. So today, the day Emmy nominations were announced, is like Thanksgiving. And there were some fantastic surprises, some unfortunate snubs, and a lot of new (true) blood on the ballots.  So let’s get to it…


    First, you can find a complete list of nominees here:


    Let’s talk comedy – I am SO excited for Glee and Modern Family, both nominated for the first time (though it feels like they’ve won before since they have won everything else).  Glee had 19 (!!) nominations including Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison for lead actress/actor and the sublime Jane Lynch for supporting actress. Personally, I feel Morrison is the weak spot of the show, but he was a shoo-in anyway. The big surprise, however, was that Chris Colfer, who plays the effeminate and effective Kurt, got his first nomination! And Mike O’Malley and Kristin Chenoweth were both nom’d for guest actor Emmys (Idina Menzel must be so pissed right now since she and Kristin hate each other!). Mike O’Malley really deserved this, even though all of his scenes were actually dramatic moments in the show.


    Rounding out the comedy category is 30 Rock (always hilarious but this season saw its first sign of slippage), Curb Your Enthusiasm (whose Seinfeld finale episodes were beyond funny), The Office (only one more season to go folks), and first time nominee Nurse Jackie. Now, I didn’t immediately take to Nurse Jackie but after watching the whole season in 2 days last month, I’ve become a big fan.  But, for me, it’s Glee or Modern Family’s year.


    The big snubs? Big Bang Theory, which is the number one (or two) comedy on TV in the ratings. For me, the other glaring omissions were How I Met Your Mother and Community, which I actually think is funnier than 2 ½ Men and The Office, but that’s just me. Sorry Entourage and Weeds, your time in the sun is over.


    The rest of the comedy actress category went as planned – Tina, Julia, Edie, Amy, and Toni. Personally, I think Edie might edge out Lea Michele and Tina this year, but we’ll see. Academy loves Edie!  Snubbed was Courtney Cox on Cougars, though she just plays it too over the top.


    The comedy actors with Morrison – Tony Shalhoub (Seriously? Ugh! Thank God it’s his last year), Alec, Steve, Larry David, and Jim Parsons (who, for me, is a mortal lock).  Poor Charlie Sheen was left out this year, as was Two and a Half Men, which I’m okay with and Charlie’s bad press didn’t do him any favors.


    All of the actors from Modern Family got supporting noms EXCEPT Ed O’Neill, who many thought would have been a shoo-in for lead actor, but he decided to hold the “ensemble” line – will be interesting to see if he does that again next year.  But he was a major snub!


    Other supporting actors include Neil Patrick Harris (sweet Jesus, give him an Emmy!), Jon Cryer, and the aforementioned Colfer (glad he got nominated, but he won’t win). Sorry, Jeremy Piven, you’re a douche. Snubbed were the co-stars of Community, who are just hilarious.


    On the actress side, Lynch and Modern Family’s Julie Bowen (LOVE her) and Sofia Vergara (can’t really stand her), will go up against Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), Holland Taylor (2 ½), and the fantastic Kristin Wiig for SNL. Let me just say that I am thrilled that SNL players are finally getting some recognition. It didn’t start to happen until the Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon era, but now it’s commonplace and Kristin, the anchor of the show, deserves it.  For me, snubbed from this category is Jane Adams from Hung, who is so good, and Merritt Wever, who is so fantastic on Nurse Jackie in all her quirky weird glory. It should have been these two instead of Holland and Vergara.


    Now, Drama…It must be good to be the Good Wife. In its first season, Good Wife has really stood out. I have to say – I LOVE this show! Definitely my favorite new drama. Good Wife will go up against Breaking Bad, Dexter, Mad Men, the last season of Lost (which I’m kind of rooting for) and True Blood (which I’m also kinda rooting for). I’m torn.  I love 3 of the 6 shows, and with it being Lost’s last year, I kind of hope they win again. Sorry, I don’t watch Breaking Bad. I know it’s good, but my heart goes to Lost and Good Wife. My head says Dexter.  Left out this year was HOUSE, which I love, but this season was under par.


    Also left out was Grey’s (which had another subpar season up until the finale episode which was friggin’ awesome), the last seasons of 24 (which sucked) and Law and Order (which would have been nice, but oh well). I thought perhaps S. Epatha Merkerson might pick up one last nod for her big cancer season, but the academy long ago forgot about this show.


    On the acting side, I am thrilled that Matthew Fox got another nod for Lost and Kyle Chandler FINALLY got his props for Friday Night Lights. They go up against Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall (who will probably win), Hugh Laurie (who deserves it) and Jon Hamm (who I like, but I’m quickly getting tired of).  Snubbed – Timothy Olyphant on Justified, but give him another year. Sorry Kiefer, this year wasn’t worthy. And while I love True Blood, I think Stephen Moyer is the weak link.


    For actresses, it’s Julianna Margulies for the win! But she’ll be going up against perennials Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick (who I love), Mariska Hargitay (who I really love but this wasn’t as strong a season for her), January Jones, and Connie Britton, who FINALLY also got a nomination. She deserves it! Left out was my choice – Mary McCormack from In Plain Sight, who is just great, but Academy voters probably felt she plays it too comical.  And Anna Paquin! She should have been nom’d over January Jones. Sorry, darlin’!


    On supporting, it’s a mixed bag this year. For actors, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) will tango with Martin Short (Damages) and the men of Lost, Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn, who should definitely win (after 6 seasons, he had to play a totally different character!), and Andre Braugher (who I’ve loved for 20 years, but this one’s slightly unearned).  Go Lost! But snubbed from this category was Josh Holloway from Lost, who I think deserved it.


    Now supporting actress, for me, is the hardest category in TV this year. So many great performances, and I think the most snubs are in this category. Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi (who is powerful and mysterious) and Christine Baranski will duke it out with Rose Byrne from Damages, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men, and the surprise – Sharon Gless from Burn Notice. Really?


    How about Elizabeth Mitchell on Lost (who DID get a guest actress nom, so that’s better than nothing), Lisa Edelstein who had an amazing season on House, and Katey Sagal who is so sublimely perfect and evil on Sons of Anarchy. Plus, Rutina Wesley and Michelle Forbes were standouts for me on True Blood. I’m sorry, but Baranski, Gless and Hendricks – not sure they deserve it this year.  


    A big COCO chant for Conan O’Brien who scored a slew of nominations for his defunct Tonight Show. He was nominated for himself, writing, directing, and the show. And Jay Leno…nada! Good. This was the industry’s way of saying “NBC, you got it wrong.” As if they hadn’t made themselves clear already. Leno hasn’t scored a nomination in years, and this year, Conan even beat out Letterman.  Good on ya! It goes up against Daily Show, Colbert, Bill Maher and SNL. Tough category as all had banner years.


    Another big cheer for Betty White, who in her most successful year ever, has scored her 17th (!) nomination for her SNL hosting gig.  Next year, she will probably get one for supporting actress on Hot in Cleveland, mark my words!


    Reality went the same as it always does. But let me put in that next year, I think Kat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance should be nominated- she is fantastic and sweet and funny and does a wonderful job moving that show along. The Amazing Race isn’t THAT amazing and its host does barely anything. On the nonfiction side, this year is Deadliest Catch’s year – how could it not be? Oh wait, it’s up against “Life” narrated by Oprah. Nevermind. The one glaring omission was Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, which was pretty damn awesome and I’m not really a big Survivor fan, but it had me hooked!


    On miniseries, it was all about THE PACIFIC, which got 24 noms (the most of any show/movie). I haven’t seen it as I cancelled my HBO (yes, I still watch True Blood and Bill Maher, but that’s about it), but I’m sure it will win.


    For all other noms, go check out an actual news source. Haha. As we get closer, I’ll bring you all my picks for this year’s winners (and those who SHOULD win). But for now, keep watching!

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