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  • 4-Week Webinar Course: Creating More Compelling, Castable Characters

    November 24th, 2014

    4-Week Webinar Course: Creating More Compelling, Castable Characters

    Learn from over 10 Hours of Webinars, handouts, exclusive exercises, and 5 insightful Q&As with major Hollywood talent all designed to help you improve your characters, your story, and your chance for success! Once ordered, I will email you all 4 weeks of recordings plus all supplemental material for you to enjoy on YOUR time!

    During this course, you will learn: Over 30 Exclusive Exercises to Create a Character Profile with Purpose;  18 Elements of Three-Dimensional, Elevated Characters & How to Achieve Them; Crafting Original Female Characters; How to take Archetypes to the Next Level; Different Strategies to Introducing Characters; The Pathology of great Antagonists & Writing Memorable Villains; Keys to Creating Subplots & Strong Supporting Characters; Writing Roles Actors Want to Play, and much more!

    Q&As include writer Chad Hayes (The Conjuring, San Andreas), writer Mickey Fisher (Writer/Creator, Extant), writer/filmmaker Blake Robbins (Oz, The Sublime & Beautiful), writers Ben Lustig & Jake Thornton (sold Winter's Knight spec for $1M!), and TV writer Dana Horgan (Once Upon A Time, Supergirl).

    Price: $249.00
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