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  • Second Reader Services


    Scott Stoops, Lit Manager, Good Fear Film & Management (formerly Benderspink)

    Jessica Stamen, Development Exec, Echo Lake Entertainment (Management & Prod. Co) (Truth, Nebraska, Away From Her)

    Nick Oleksiw, Development Exec, Reel FX (Free Birds, Book of Life, RockDog, Invasion)

    Giulia Prenna, Producer, Mind the Gap
    Productions & Cowlick Entertainment (The Evil Gene, Greystone Park, 300)

    Jeff Katz, Producer (Snakes on a Plane, Shoot Em Up, Sleepaway Camp)

    Keith Sweitzer, Producer & Lit Manager, Spectrum Films (deal w/Fox Studios Australia)

    Charisse Nesbit, Producer, Fostering Freedom Entertainment (For Colored Girls, Addicted, I Can Do Bad All by Myself)

    Randy Dannenberg, Executive VP Production, Meyers Media (Monster, Upside of Anger, 4 Minute Mile)

    No BullScript was started to give writers professional, comprehensive feedback from the Executive Perspective because that’s exactly who you’re going to be sending finished, polished scripts to. And now, we are thrilled to take that motto to the next level with our new Second Reader Services.

    You can now get No BullScript’s Basic Notes or Phone Notes Service and ADD-ON a Second Reader – one of the currently working Development Executives, Producers or Managers from major Hollywood companies listed on the right. They will spend an hour with you by phone or Skype and discuss their notes, give you specific suggestions on how to improve your feature script or TV Pilot, and answer your questions.

    This is your chance to get development notes directly from the decision makers you would normally be submitting your script to for consideration. And while there are no guarantees other than getting professional and comprehensive feedback on your script, you never know where that next connection might lead.

    This is the ONLY Consulting Service where there are NO assistants, NO interns and NO anonymous readers giving you feedback. And no flimsy 2-page coverage either.

    There are a number of different great options below – pick the one that’s right for you and your project. You can even add a bonus THIRD Reader to any package! If you’d like to combine services that are not listed, please contact me. Once you choose the best service for you, No BullScript will work with you to choose the best exec or manager that’s right for your project and your goals.


    It’s the best of both worlds! Get comprehensive Basic Studio Notes from Danny (normally $299) PLUS the one-hour notes call with the Manager or Executive second reader of your choice. Get two reads, two perspectives, two sets of notes.

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