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  • 11th Annual Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe (Day 2)

    May 28th, 2009

    For more details, check out the official site.

    I will be taking pitches on Saturday and Sunday and I will be doing private script consultations and teaching the following classes Thursday and Friday:

    The Other Side of the Table: A No B.S. Guide to Pitchfests for Writers
    Class is everything a writer needs to know before pitching at a pitchfest. It’s a no-nonsense guide to pitchfests for writers, Simon Cowell style. Topics discussed will include; the ultimate Do’s and Don’ts of pitchfests, who should be pitching and who shouldn’t, what you should and should not be pitching, who writers are really pitching to, and what we’re looking for, how to prepare your pitch (everything before you sit down), the first minute and first impressions, making the most out of 5 minutes, the top 15 concepts we have already heard, what to expect from the other side of the table, the one sheet and how to end your session and horror and success stories. I will also have an extensive Q&A period.

    Living in an Indie World
    Exploring the differences between Indie Film and the Studio World. Topics covered Include; The lonely life of an independent producer, the different types of companies and the differences between them, financing, options and attachments and how indies and studios differ, Scripts/Story–what makes a good indie film, what’s better suited for studios, packaging for indie vs studio, how to get your indie script noticed/networking in the indie world and how to do this from outside Hollywood, script contests for indie films, and what makes for an indie hit. There will also be a Q&A session.

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