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  • No Bull Hollywood Connection

    No Bull Hollywood Connection

    Welcome to the No Bull Hollywood Connection!  In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know! And now…I’m opening my rolodex and bringing MY industry contacts to YOU!

    Writers always ask – how can I get my material to an executive?
    How can I get an agent or manager to read my script if I don’t know anyone?
    How do I know it’s ready?

    Well…No BullScript is your answer! Consider me your personal referral! And I’ve lined up over 60+ high profile executives, managers and agents who have agreed to read your logline and query letter – and possibly your script!

    And the best part? It’s completely FREE!

    So how does it work? It’s easy…
    Any script that receives a “RECOMMEND” or “RECOMMEND WITH RESERVATIONS” rating from No BullScript will have its logline and query letter, along with your contact information, sent to the companies listed below in a personal email from Me! No blind queries or random faxes!  This is not only a great way to break in and get read by some of the biggest companies in town, but you know your project is ready to be seen by an executive, because it’s already been recommended by one…me!

    There are other script consulting companies out there that offer “Hollywood Referral” programs, but they send out a general and impersonal email to executives they don’t know PERSONALLY. And, they send out scripts that just get “Considers.” But reputation is everything in this town, so if I wouldn’t recommend it, why would I send it to anyone else? Everyone on the list below is a personal contact of mine, so they’re not reading an impersonal letter – they are getting an email from someone whose opinion and taste they trust.

    Now, the Disclaimer: This does not guarantee they will read the script – only the logline and query letter. If a company is interested in requesting the script, THEY will contact YOU. Please do not contact these companies directly.  Be respectful. If you have questions on when to follow up, please ask me. This service in no way makes me a producer on your project – I am just a friendly middle man hoping to get your well-deserved talents noticed.

    In addition, I have forged a relationship with INKTIP, so now any script that gets a Recommend from me will ALSO get a FREE Listing on InkTip for at least 30 days and will be featured in their elite Executive Newsletter! This will expose your project to HUNDREDS more companies and get you even better access! And again, this is all completely FREE! All you have to do, is write an amazing script.

    Here is the current list of most of the companies who are a part of the No Bull Hollywood Connection:

    Production Companies/Producers
    Dark Castle Films
    Participant Media
    Sony Screen Gems
    Montecito Pictures
    Summit Entertainment
    Gold Company
    Relativity Media
    Disruption Entertainment
    Atomic Owl
    Mind the Gap Productions
    Clifford Werber Productions
    The Combine (Jeremy Renner’s Co.)
    Act 4 Entertainment
    Hwy 61 (Paul Haggis’ Company)
    Nala Films
    Original Film/Toby Ascher
    4th Floor Productions
    Peas & Carrots Entertainment
    Klewans Productions
    Secret Handshake Entertainment
    Suntaur Entertainment
    Original Productions
    Torn Sky Entertainment
    Scooty Woop Productions
    Jethro Films/ERI
    Meyers Media Group
    ANA Media
    Polaris Pictures
    Might Entertainment
    Marvin Acuna (Producer)
    Loesch Productions
    Golan Ramras (Producer)
    William Morris Endeavor
    Gersh Agency
    New Wave Entertainment
    Circle of Confusion
    Madhouse Entertainment
    Industry Entertainment
    Tom Sawyer Entertainment
    Anonymous Content
    Magnet Management
    Hopscotch Pictures
    The Radmin Company
    Code Entertainment
    Archetype Entertainment
    Echo Lake Productions
    Little Studio Films
    The Safran Company
    Realm Literary
    Acrobatic Entertainment
    Think Tank Management
    Aperture Entertainment
    Manus Entertainment
    Anarchy Management
    FilmTrix Agency
    Barry Perelman Agency
    Content Engine
    Muraviov Company
    Ken Sherman & Assoc.
    Levity Entertainment
    Silent R Literary

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