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  • The No Bull Mission

    Hello!Welcome to No BullScript Consulting! Since 2009, we’ve been your one-stop script consulting company bringing a new perspective to your projects – the Executive Perspective! I’m Danny Manus, and working as an executive in Hollywood and developing scripts and pitches with writers on the A-list, B-List, and lists that don’t even have letters, has given me a unique point of view on how to help improve your writing, make your script the best it can be, and get it ready for the marketplace. And unlike other consulting companies, there are no anonymous readers, no middle men, and no farming out your project. You will always deal directly with me!

    There are plenty of consultants out there. So what makes me different? Experience, Perspective, and Personality.

    I have been consulting with writers of all levels at No BullScript since 2009 and have been working in the entertainment business for over 18 years. I’ve been on the executive side of the table, AND the screenwriter side. I’ve worked in development AND production. I’ve hired writers for assignments, AND been hired as a writer for assignments. My notes are constructive, honest, and get to the nuts and bolts of how to improve your specific script and story. No algorithms, no structure paradigms, no plotting software up-sells. Just the nitty gritty notes and career coaching you need to succeed.

    Getting peer reviews and notes from other writers is great, but when you’re ready to submit your script, you’re not going to be submitting it to other writers – you’ll be sending it to executives and reps! So, why not get an executive’s perspective before you do?

    I will point out your scripts’ strengths, but I will focus on its weaknesses. And I won’t simply point out the problems, but will give you concrete suggestions on how to fix them. The goal of No BullScript is not just to help improve your script and help you develop your voice and craft, but also give you the keys to making your script ready for the marketplace.

    Working with me, you’ll get encouragement and hope – but not false hope. Not every story can be a film or tv series, and not every script will be good enough to recommend or even consider, no matter what changes or suggestions are made. My job is not just to help you achieve your vision – but also help you see possibilities for your story you haven’t thought of yet.

    No BullScript. The name says it all. You’re going to get honest, professional, constructive and valuable feedback without the sugarcoating. Please check out the rest of the site and all the notes services, classes, consults, and mentorships available, and I look forward to working with you!

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