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  • Testimonials

    “Danny was an invaluable asset and collaborator in both the production and creative elements of the films we produced. His knowledge was critical to the development of our scripts and his original ideas and approaches were a major factor in our development and decision making process. I have only the greatest respect for his talents, which is why I continue you to work with him on my own material.” – J.S. Cardone, Screenwriter/Director (Prom Night, The Covenant, Stepfather, The Forsaken, etc)

    “Danny’s got some of the best story instincts around and the enviable ability to enhance every script he works on. As an exec, he knows the business, the players and the marketplace and is able to bring this knowledge to his work as a script consultant. We’ve worked on many projects together and he’s still the person I ask for story and casting input.” – Clifford Werber, Producer (Cinderella Story, Sydney White, Just Add Water)

    “Danny’s worked with studios and independents and knows how to handle writers at every level. He loves discovering and working with new writers and making their material shine as best it can… He cuts through the crap and at the end of the day, any writer or producer would be lucky to have him in their corner.” – Scott Einbinder, Producer, (Walled In, The Covenant, Sniper 2&3)

    “Danny Manus is a terrific go-to guy for script consulting. He is intelligent, extremely thorough, and honest. He also really knows the Hollywood script market, so his advice is very well founded.” – David Kohner Zuckerman, producer (Strictly Sexual) and Founder of Script Coach and Virtual Pitchfest

    “Danny has a knack for identifying and unveiling great writing talent that the marketplace responds to. I have always received positive feedback from buyers and it truly shows his great instincts and development skills with material.” – Ariel Ciudadano, Literary Agent, Acrobatic Entertainment

    Client Feedback

    “Danny is truly at the top of his game with his thorough, thoughtful, in-depth feedback. He understands story, understands the industry, and knows what it takes to write a script that sells — and he always gives more than he’s paid for and more than expected. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Derek Rydall, screenwriter (Beethoven’s Big Break) and best-selling author of “I Could’ve Written a Better Movie Than That!”

    “I’ve been to a lot of script doctors with a lot of scripts and by far, Danny Manus is the best! He has a real command of the requirements of the craft and the needs of a script, regardless of genre, without injecting sophomoric, antiquated or clichéd opinions. You can’t go wrong with him!”
    – Kevin Grevioux, creator and screenwriter of Underworld and I, Frankenstein

    “What I liked most about Danny’s feedback is that he won’t let you settle for good. Good is ordinary in a talented, competitive field, so his notes make you dig deep in order to write something special. He doesn’t sugarcoat the feedback to make you feel good. He pushes you to develop your story and your writing so that it has a chance of getting read rather than tossed on the reject pile after a few pages.”– Stan Himes

    “Wow, GREAT notes! Absolutely everything you say makes sense. This is literally my first draft and normally I wouldn’t let anyone see anything at this early stage, but I know there’s potential, and coming to you was the smartest thing I could have done – a huge help. THANK YOU!!!” – Margaret Riseley

    “Wow. Awesome notes, dude! Thank you! So very well thought out and carefully explained, with some extremely helpful suggestions….Of all the professional readers I’ve used, your notes are the most helpful. And you are very kind in how you deal with my ‘faults’. Thank you… You’ve just made a regular customer out of me. Keep up the good work. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.” -Grant Gladish

    “Thank you so much! This was amazing and extremely inspiring feedback. I get everything you suggested. Thanks again. I will definitely use your service for future projects.” – Kristen Haakerud

    “Wow! Your notes are awesome and you gave me such great ideas and SPECIFIC feedback! I am grateful for people like you. Hoping to work on rewrite and get back to you soon.” – Cathy Freericks

    “Danny is a script-master. His insights into form, content, and structure helped me greatly in completing my second script. I now feel much more confident in going out to market with it, with Danny’s insights getting me across the finish line.” – Jim Croke, screenwriter

    “As writers, we all need someone to take our screenplay and make it better. Danny Manus is that person. He understands what will sell in Hollywood, knows structure and how to punch up dialogue. And you can have a beer with him. Danny’s insights are on point; and his analysis is an invaluable part of the writing process.” – Colin Costello, screenwriter and Vice-President of Chicago Screenwriters Network

    “From the get-go, Danny knew exactly what needed to be done to strengthen my spec. We would bounce ideas back and forth; he would always challenge me to make the right decisions in regard to story, character, and dialogue. As a result, I have a much stronger script and a newly revised attention to detail. Danny’s help has been priceless.” – David Snyder, screenwriter, “Dreams of an Aspiring Romantic”

    “My comedy spec was a perennial quarter finalist screenplay until it landed with Danny Manus. Over several drafts and pages of notes, he managed to turn it into a true contender. His knowledge of the craft, experience in the industry, and attention to details can ready any screenplay for today’s market. I’m proud to say that my script is now making its rounds through Hollywood’s elite!” – Richard Dane Scott, screenwriter, “From Here to Virginity”

    “Daniel Manus is the real thing. He will deliver heart wrenching truth about your ideas and writing, along with the information to back it up. He won’t set you up to fail by telling what you want to hear, instead he will help you deliver the most impressionable and impressive screenplay you’ve ever written and will work with you until you get it right.” – Alycia Smith, screenwriter and playwright of “Rushing Roulette”

    “I want to thank you. You read my script “In Her Blood” and provided me with excellent feedback. I edited the script to reflect your suggestions and I just received notice from Page International that I moved forward in the top 25%!” – Heather McBride

    “Thank you so much for the really awesome comments. You offered up great advice and… you gave me so many things to think about and you are right… Your advice was spot on and I really appreciate it.” – Kari Ciardi

    “Thanks for the Extensive Notes. I have gone over them – twice – and I still glean more and more from them each time. You have done an awesome job and I am glad that I chose No BullScript.” – Adam Nur

    “Thank you for your analysis of my script. You’ve really done a nice job! It definitely gives me insight to things I’ve been questioning and was looking to correct, but didn’t quite know which direction to take it. Your specific advice is very helpful. You have given me a lot to work out.” Tom Elbrecht, screenwriter and animation director

    “I just received your notes which are excellent in all ways and worth their weight in gold!” – Emer Gillepsie

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