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  • Chicago Screenwriters Association

    October 3rd, 2009

    At 10am, I will be teaching my class:
    “Becoming Your Own Development Executive: How to Look at Your Script from the Executive Perspective”

    Writers always ask, ‘What is an executive looking for? How come they don’t see what I see?’ This class will teach writers how to think, read and write from the executive perspective. It will teach the 3 questions every exec thinks about while reading, the most common notes execs give and how to avoid them, how execs interpret a pitch, the three different types of projects read, and an in-depth look at the development/ notes process and how to survive it, plus an always lively Q&A session.

    After lunch, at about 1pm, I will be holding a smaller special Development Exec workshop, where writers will submit the first few pages of their screenplay (before the day of the class) and we will go through each making sure they will grab the attention of any exec! We will also look at query letters, answer specific questions, etc. Be sure to sign up early for this one! Class will be capped!

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