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  • Filmmaker Initiative Teleseminar with Clare Kilner

    May 5th, 2013

    In Hollywood today, the multi-hyphenate is King and writing, directing and/or producing your own work is a great way to launch your career. But only if your end product looks professional and visual enough to stand out and catch the eye.

    • Are you a filmmaker trying to get noticed? Preparing for a pitch meeting or upcoming production? Shooting a teaser or trailer? Preparing your latest webisode idea for production?  Want to shoot a killer short film that looks like a feature?
    • Raising finance for your movie? Want to know how to attract major talent? Seeking representation? Do you want to nail those open directing assignments?
    • Or are you a screenwriter who needs a director’s point of view on your script?

    Then don’t miss this chance to connect with, speak to, and get answers and guidance from award-winning Hollywood writer/director CLARE KILNER (The Wedding Date, How to Deal) and leading Script Consultant DANNY MANUS.

    Clare has sold and directed studio films, indies and TV series, and has worked with Emmy and Oscar-Nominated talent. She’s created teaser scenes and short films that landed her work and financing. She knows exactly what it takes for a script to attract a director and top notch actors. And now she is offering her expertise to help make your projects and pitches shine.

    During this Interactive 90 Minute Teleseminar, we will cover:

    • What it takes for a script to attract a Director’s attention
    • How to make first features, short films, teasers, and trailers that will show off your talent, get financing, and get you noticed!
    • Different strategies for Directors to land representation
    • How to prepare for open directing assignments and pitch meetings with producers to land that job
    • Common production problems and how to be prepared
    • How to run an efficient and creative set
    • How to attract and work with A-List actors, and bring out the best performances
    • The Director’s Toolkit
    • How to make it happen on your own!
    • The relationship between Director, Producer and Writer
    • Keys to Storyboarding
    • How to prepare for a professional career in filmmaking
    • Making Film Festivals work for you
    • And much more!

    Plus, we’ll be answering your questions LIVE!

    This is a great opportunity to connect with a studio writer/director, and learn what it takes to get noticed, get your vision and stories out there, and succeed in Hollywood!

    Right now, you can register for this 90-minute interactive teleseminar for ONLY $39!!

    Everyone attending the teleseminar will also get a chance to work 1-on-1 with Clare on YOUR projects and your $39 will go towards your consultation!

    For more info on Clare Kilner, you can check out


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