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    October 8th, 2016


    Other than writing a great script, pitching is the most important skill a writer needs to master to have a long-term career.

    You need to know how to break down your pitch to maximize the time you have and to ensure you are making the right impression and telling – and selling – your story in the strongest way possible. But don’t worry – I’m here to help.

    As an executive and a consultant, I have taken over 3500 pitches!

    I have coached writers on their pitches at almost every major screenwriting event in the country including the last 3 years at Austin Film Festival, where I got TWO writers signed by reps off their pitches and had Top 3 finalists from my sessions every year.

    I’ve also taught pitching at Story Expo, Great American Pitchfest, InkTip Pitch Summit, Willamette Writers Conference, Kansas City Film Festival, Screenwriting Expo, The World Series of Comedy, Scriptwriters Network, Las Vegas Writers Conference and many more.

    And on SATURDAY OCTOBER 8TH at 11AM PST, I’m giving a LIVE WEBINAR to make sure YOU are ready to pitch!

    Think of this as your personal pitch prep session from the comfort of your living room!

    This No-Nonsense Webinar will cover:

    –       All the Do’s and Don’ts of short pitches, pitchfests and pitching strategies.

    –       The Biggest Mistakes writers make and how to avoid them

    –       The Vital 5 C’s (and an H) that MUST be included in your pitch

    –       Knowing and Pitching the A to B of your Story

    –       What Execs and Reps are really looking for

    –       How to Prepare for your Pitch

    –       The 3 CRITERIA on which Austin Film Festival Pitches are Judged & How to Nail Them!

    –       How to prepare for the Austin Film Festival Competition & Finals!

    –       What to include in your First Seconds to Grab Attention and make a great First Impression

    –       How to seem like the EXPERT of your story

    –       Step by Step on how to Structure a 90 second pitch and pitchfest pitch

    –       When to use Loglines

    –       How to know if you’re using the right COMPS for your story

    –       My ONE-THIRDS method to Pitching a TV Series

    –       How Pitching TV differs from Film

    –       How to pitch to Agents and Managers

    –       The Movie Trailer Pitch

    –       The necessary One-Sheet

    –       Examples of 90 Second Pitches that Work

    –       Horror stories & Q&A

    This is the ONLY Pitching Webinar geared specifically to the SHORT PITCH and the only one taught by someone who’s been on both sides of the table and knows what execs and pitching competition judges are looking for!

    You cannot miss this 2-hour Webinar jam-packed with the tools for pitching success!

    Even though this is a live webinar, you don’t HAVE to attend live!

    By registering for this Webinar, you will be sent a downloadable recording to enjoy when it’s convenient for you!


    **Register today and ADD ON a 30-MINUTE Private Pitch Consultation with ME for only $35 (normally $50)!! We will go over (by phone or Skype) your story, your pitch, and I will help make sure you’re ready. Just choose the registration option that includes the pitch consultation.

    **BONUS Q&A!! By registering for this Webinar, you will also get a FREE Bonus Q&A I did with Writer/Producer Mickey Fisher, Creator and Executive Producer of the CBS show EXTANT with Halle Berry!


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