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  • InkTip Summit

    September 20th, 2013
    The InkTip Pitch Summit is being held September 20-21 at the Burbank Marriott. 
    Over 50 Options have resulted from the Summit – you could be next!
    InkTip’s Pitch & Networking Summit gives writers the opportunity to personally meet with and pitch an average of 35 different studio, production, agency and representation companies in a single day.
    Over 300 (!!) different companies will be in attendance and at InkTip you get to pitch to more than 1 Company at a time. FYI, it’s also the only conference that doesn’t pay execs to show up so you KNOW they are looking for material.
    No BullScript will be there! I will have a table at the Summit & will be holding private pitch prep sessions as well as selling copies of my book & holding free raffles for consultations! Please come by and say hello!
    To Register for the InkTip Summit, please click here –
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