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  • Logline and Query Letter Strategies That Work WEBINAR (Writers Store)

    June 19th, 2013


    At a Glance:

    • This live webinar will teach you different strategies to construct a tight, attention-grabbing logline and an engaging query letter.
    • You’ll gain a deep understanding as to what executives are looking for in a logline and query letter—and what you should never include.
    • You’ll learn how to make your story stand out in your logline and query letter, and how to use these tools to better brainstorm your story!

    Success in Hollywood is often about making great first impressions. Your logline and query letter are the first (and sometimes only!) items an executive or agent is going to read that reflects your work. It’s critical that your logline and query letter are attention grabbing, tell them something of substance, make you look good, and most of all—make them want to read more.

    If you’ve sent out hundreds of queries and don’t have script requests, you’re doing something wrong. As a development executive, producer, and script consultant, Danny Manus has read thousands of query letters and countless loglines—he knows what it takes for a writer to standout and stand above the rest!

    This live webinar will cover how to construct proper loglines and query letters: what to include and what not to include in each; the difference between loglines and taglines; what executives are looking for; easy-to-use formats for crafting tight, professional loglines and engaging query letters; how to query for representation and for TV; and how to send them to get them read! Danny will also share some of the best (and worst) queries he’s ever received—giving you tangible examples to work from and teaching what you should never do.

    Your script deserves the right first impression—learn how to craft the best logline and query letter possible.

    This webinar includes a free, exclusive Logline Bonus Sample Packet. The free Logline Bonus Sample Packet will be delivered to you via e-mail after the webinar.


    • How to make a great first impression with your logline and query letter
    • Tips and rules to creating great, professional loglines
    • An easy to use 5-step formula for crafting great, tight loglines
    • What to include and what not to include in your loglines
    • The difference between loglines and taglines
    • How to format attention-grabbing query letters—that sell!
    • How to bring out your voice and make your query letters stand out
    • What to include (and not include) in your submissions
    • Examples of great (and awful) query letters
    • The new ways to query and get read
    • How loglines and query letters can help you brainstorm your story


    • Writers who are tired of not getting requests from their loglines and query letters
    • Writers planning to submit their work
    • Writers looking to create a tight logline
    • Writers who want a strong query letter
    • Writers who want to learn how to make a great first impression
    • Writers who want to know what executives are looking for
    • Writers who think taglines and loglines are the same thing
    • Writers who think writing loglines and query letters aren’t important
    • Writers who are planning on pitching their project
    • Writers who want great samples of loglines and queries that sell


    This webinar includes a logline critique! You may submit one logline. Your logline will be given a thorough review—depending on your needs, you may receive comments or you may receive a reworking. All submitted loglines are guaranteed a written critique by instructor Danny Manus. (You will receive written feedback within 60 days of receipt.)

    Additionally, you are invited to submit your logline for discussion and critique during live webinar. To have your logline considered for the live critique, it must be submitted by THURSDAY, JUNE 13th. (This is an optional bonus.) Those selected for critique during the webinar will not only receive a verbal critique by Danny, but they’ll also receive a written critique following the event! Danny will remove your name and contact information, but your logline will be visible and/or heard by all webinar participants. Danny promises to be nice, so don’t be nervous! Share! Danny is known for his ability to give amazing insight, help writers, and steer writers down a path that takes their script to a level they never thought possible.

    Instructions on how to submit your work are sent after you officially register.


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