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  • StoryTellers Expo in San Fran!

    March 20th, 2015

    I am SO excited to be part of the great faculty who will be speaking at this year’s StoryTellers Expo in San Fran March 20-22! I will be helping with Pitch Prep as well as teaching a couple seminars, exact schedule still TBD. This is the perfect event for screenwriters, novelists, non-fiction writers, and more!

    Make sure you purchase your tickets now, as the VIP tickets are going fast.  If you snooze, you will definitely miss out on a great event! 

    Here are just SOME of the great speakers who will also be there –

    • Dale Brown – Author of over 25 books, 13 of which are NY Times Best-selling novels. Brown’s books have been translated into 11 languages and distributed to over 70 countries. Clive Cussler calls Brown, “The best military adventure writer in the country,” but readers and Presidents have called him, the best action-packed thriller writer in the world.
    • Steven Spatz – President of BookBaby, the world’s largest distributor of E-books and printed self-published books.
    • Mark Coker – CEO of Smashwords, the world’s largest distributor by title count of indie e-books from self-published authors and small presses.
    • Ellen Sandler – Screenwriter, author, and playwright, Ellen was the Executive Producer and Emmy-nominated head writer of “Everyone Loves Raymond.” Ellen is one of the most experienced television insiders, having created over 40 television pilots for most of the major networks.
    • Laurie McLean – Founder of Fuse Literary Agency, Laurie is a smart agent who understands and prepares her authors for the rapidly changing world of publishing.
    • Nancy Nigrosh – Former agent at the Gersh Agency, Nancy works with a diversity of writers, from novelists to screenwriters.
    • Victoria Wisdom – Founder of A Little Wisdom Production, and one of Hollywood’s most well-respected literary agents, Victoria has worked with several Oscar and Emmy winning directors and screenwriters. Some of her client’s projects included, “The Uusal Suspects,” “The Red Violin,” and CBS’s long-time hit, “Criminal Minds.”
    • Dave Trottier – Writing consultant and author of several how-to books on writing, Dave is perhaps best known for his enormously popular, “The Screenwriters Bible,” which is the gold standard in formatting screenplays. Dave is a widely respected screenwriter and his books, are a valued references throughout Hollywood.
    • Chris Soth – Author of over 40 scripts, a director and executive producer, Chris has taught at USC and UCLA, and currently guides screenwriters from concept to FADE OUT using his famed “Mini-Movie Method.”
    • Danny Manus – One of the most in-demand script consultants as CEO of “No BullScript Consulting” and author of “No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective,” Danny is a popular columnist for ScriptMag. He’s a former development executive, a judge four years running for the PAGE Awards, and has been a speaker at Austin Film Festival, Kansas City Film Fest, and well over a dozen other major writing conferences.
    • Michael Slifkin – Founder and Partner of Archstone Pictures, and Archstone Distribution, Slifkin is responsible for the development and production of on-going feature film content.  He’s committed to producing 8-10 films per year.
    • Andy Ross – A literary agent since 2008, Ross was the former owner of legendary Cody’s Books in Berkeley for over 30 years. During his time at Cody’s Books, Andy sold more than 10 million books and hosted over 5,000 events for some of the world’s greatest authors. Today, he represents writers with distinctive voices.
    • Jamie Brickhouse – Founder and CEO of redBrick Agency and author of the soon-to-be published (St. Martin’s Press) novel “Dangerous When Wet,” Jamie has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years, most recently as Vice President, director of Harper Collins Speaker Bureau.
    • Jacqui Brown – Author of over seven books, including her very popular, “Bitch, Please!” and “Recovery’s a Bitch,” Jacqui is an enormously entertaining, provocative, and funny writer.
    • Kathy Garver – Author of two books, a beloved character from television’s “Family Affair” and an accomplished and versatile actress, Kathy has appeared in such films as “Sweet November,” “The Princess Diaries,” and MOW’S such as “FBI Murders” and “Stay the Night.”  Kathy is also a popular instructor of voice-overs and is passionate about her classes on how to create audio books at Voice One in San Francisco.
    • Robbi Sommers Bryant – The President of Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club, Robbi’s works include the award-winning psychological suspense novel, The Beautiful Evil. She also is the published author of the award-winning novella, Dream, along with 4 other novels, 5 story collections, and 1 book of poetry. She will be speaking at the Expo on “Writing the Criminal Mind.”
    • Brenda Knight – Publisher of award-winning Cleis Press and founder of Viva Editions, Brenda is a twenty-year publishing veteran, starting at HarperCollins and is the author of the award-winning, “Women of the Beat Generation,” “Wild Women and Books,” and “The Grateful Table.”
    • Peter Beren – An agent who specializes in nonfiction with an emphasis on illustrated (art and photography) books. Peter is also an author with seven published books, including The Writers Legal Companion and California the Beautiful.  He’s the former Publisher of Sierra Club Books and VIA Books; V.P. for publishing at the Palace Press Group; an acquisition editor; a literary agent, publishing consultant, and a member of AAR.
    Are you getting excited? You should be! We’ve got a lot going on with the pitch fest as well.
    For more information on the presenters listed above, please go to your tickets now! There are only so many of the VIP tickets left.

    Don’t forget  . . . we will be offering a 2 hour FREE Pitch Fest Boot Camp on Friday evening, March 20th 2015. This is your chance to learn how to successfully pitch yourself and your projects. And hello! It’s FREE! What’s not to love about that? Agents, publishers, and producers will instruct you on how to get them EXCITED about YOU and your projects.  Make sure you attend our invaluable, FREE Pitch Fest Boot Camp on Friday night, then, attend the Expo on Saturday and Sunday. This event will be held Friday, March 20th, 2015.  7pm to 9pm.

    The StoryTellers Expo
    March 21-22, 2015
    Be sure to get them while discounts are available. Once we’re sold out, I’m afraid that’s all, folks!   For more information, or to purchase tickets, click on: 

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