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  • Viewing Your Script from the Executive Perspective

    March 26th, 2011

    Writers always ask – What the hell are Executives thinking?  Why don’t they see what I see?

    Find out exactly what’s going on in the minds of the industry insiders who can make or break your script! Viewing your Script from the Executive Perspective is a 90-minute in-person seminar that teaches you how to think, read, and write like a development executive.

    Script consultant and instructor Daniel Manus has read thousands of scripts, developed dozens of projects as a development executive in Hollywood and has worked with writers at every level, and now he’s ready to share his unique viewpoint on exactly what makes a buyer sit up and take notice.

    This in-depth workshop will cover everything you need to know, including:

    • How development execs read a script – what they’re looking for and the difference between how a writer reads and an executive reads
    • The 3 questions executives think of while reading
    • The Top 13 Notes an executive gives and how to avoid them
    • How an exec hears/interprets a pitch
    • What it takes to get a “recommend” from a script consultant/reader
    • The development process – what to expect and how to survive it with flying

    There will also be a Q&A session after the presentation, so you can get answers to all your burning questions about what really goes on behind the studio gates.

    Ready to start thinking about your script strategically? Enroll in Viewing your Script from the Executive Perspective for invaluable access to a seasoned professional.

    Special Price: Only $59 (until Feb 28th!) Click below to sign up today!!

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