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  • (VIRTUALLY) Everything Story Conference

    June 15th, 2016

    This is the first of its kind and it’s a MUST-ATTEND! A 10-Day Long Online Conference with the TOP Speakers in the industry!

    I hope you’ll join me for MY seminar, Crafting Loglines and Query Letters That Sell on Wednesday June 22 at 12PM PST!  REGISTER HERE –

    It’s ONE low price for ALL sessions! You can’t beat it! And there is an option to just register for the downloads instead of the live event!

    Imagine being 5 years ahead of the rest of the writing industry?

    The top minds in the industry have been interviewed by Laura Leigh Clarke and Megan Dougherty, the organizers of (VIRTUAL) EVERYTHING STORY- and they’re covering DOZENS of points for the screenwriting industry.

    • Find out the industry secrets that get scripts READ.
    • Learn to network with DECISION makers
    • Write characters that people connect with on an emotional level.

    (VIRTUAL) EVERYTHING STORY is a conference coming up in June 2016 – with some seriously savvy experts from the story telling community like John Truby, Michael Hauge, Sean Platt and Jen Grisanti…and ME!

    Being a writer is probably one of the toughest vocations.

    If you want to make the leap from “talented” to actually selling your work (with confidence!) then check out this EXCLUSIVE interview library with top experts in the space.

    The wisdom at this year’s conference is gonna be off the scale! Here’s a great clip with WILL SMITH about what he looks for in story.



    In addition to 30 amazing, value packed presentations and workshops, there are also going to be a bunch of FREE gifts for attendees.


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