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  • career coaching

    November 22nd, 2017


    The Summer/Fall 2023 Session will begin in August! Registration will begin in June. Please EMAIL ME FIRST to set up an Intro Call before purchasing. Spots are very limited.

    4 Months of In-Depth Phone Notes, Brainstorming Consults, Marketing and Career Coaching.¬† This is a personalized, customized development process¬† where we set specific goals, deadlines, do notes calls every 2 weeks (each call is about 2 hrs) and we can cover any scripts, pilots, treatments, outlines, etc. This does NOT include books or manuscripts. This is NOT for first time writers or first scripts, you must have more than one completed script to register. If interested, please message me to schedule an Introductory Call before purchasing. We’ll work together to decide which projects to work on, and we can take your idea from outline to finished first draft, from first drafts to polished, marketable screenplays – or both! And we’ll strategize ways to take your career to the next level. Price is $1350 if paid in one payment, $1450 if split into two payments. Payments MUST be made thru Zelle or Venmo (unless international). Email me for more details.

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