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  • A Day of Screenwriting Seminars in Idaho! Hosted by kNIFVES!

    November 13th, 2010

    On Saturday, we have a FULL day packed with 3 wonderful 90 minute seminars for writers, producers, or anyone interested in the business (plus an hour for lunch).  For kNIFVES members, each class is $20, or $50 for the WHOLE DAY!

    For non-members, the classes will be just a few dollars more – but the MORE THE MERRIER! If you’re in Tacoma, Seattle, or anywhere in Idaho – come on by!

    9AM – Become Your Own Development Executive (aka What the Hell is an Executive Thinking?)

    Writers always ask, ‘What is an executive looking for? How come they don’t see what I see?’ This class will teach writers how to think, read and write from the executive perspective. Topics Covered include: How a Development Exec reads a script – what they’re looking for and the difference between how a writer reads and an executive reads; The 3 questions executives think of while reading; The Top 13 Notes an executive gives and how to avoid them; How an exec hears/interprets a pitch; What it takes to get a “recommend” from a script consultant/reader; The development process – giving and getting notes – what to expect and how to survive it with flying colors; Q&A

    11AM –  Loglines, Query Letters and One-Sheets…Oh My!

    Class will cover how to construct proper loglines, query letters and one-pagers, what to include and what not to include, the difference between loglines and taglines, what executives are looking for in each, and how to write ones that grab attention and sell! Writers should bring their loglines with them and we will improve each one in class!

    12:30-1:30 – LUNCH

    1:30-3PM – Indie vs. Studio and Where Your Project Fits

    Topics Covered Include: The different types of companies and the differences between them; What studios are looking for and aren’t looking for; Where to find financing and how indies and studios differ; Packaging– the best way to get your work noticed/differences between packaging for indie vs studio; How to know if your project is better suited for studios or indies and indie story archetypes; Options vs. Attachment Agreements; How to get your indie script noticed/networking in the indie world and how to do this from outside Hollywood; Q&A

    Hope to see you there! For more information or to purchase tickets for the event, please email Dawn at or check out the knifves website at

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