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  • An Executive Crash Course & Rewrites: A FREE Teleconference with ISA Network

    March 14th, 2015

    Join me LIVE Saturday, March 14th at 1030am PST for a FREE 90 minute Teleconference through ISA Network. Our topic will be – An Executive Crash Course and Rules for Rewrites. Please register using the link above! Please note, this is a LIVE teleconference and material will not be available on-demand.

    It can sometimes feel like success and “breaking in” to Hollywood is based on some secret handshake you just haven’t been taught. But in truth, it’s just about knowing how to deliver what execs and reps are looking for, and how to seem normal and professional enough to stay in the room longer than the next writer.

    Writers always ask, What is an executive looking for? How come they don’t see what I see?’ During this teleconference, we will go through the questions executives ask themselves while reading and the most common script notes executives give – but also what those notes really mean. Often, an executive’s notes can seem contradictory, vague or totally unnecessary. We will discuss how to find and address the note behind the note, and how to apply those notes to your next draft.

    Rewriting is much different than writing a first draft, and can often mean reworking or cutting the things you loved most about your story. Rewriting is also the only way to sustain a screenwriting career. So before you start hacking away to address the notes, know where the executive is coming from and what the development process is like. This teleconference with script consultant and former executive Danny Manus will you direct insight into that process from the executive’s perspective.

    Meeting with an exec doesn’t have to be a nerve-wrecking pressure cooker. It just takes knowing meeting etiquette, how to prepare, what’s expected of you, and how to deal with execs during and after your meeting. Register today for our free Executive Crash Course with Danny Manus and survive the meeting, rewriting, and development process with flying colors.

    Hope you can attend!

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