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    November 21st, 2015

    Join me and ISA for a FREE Teleconference on Nov 21st from 1030am-1230pm. Our last call had over 115 on the line – now you can join the conversation!

    We’ll be talking How to Write (and Adapt) What You Know the Right Way, and the Nature vs. Nurture of a Script!

    When good ideas go bad, it’s usually because either the writer isn’t writing a story that is natural to them, or the writer has veered too far away from the natural blueprint of their concept.  Looking at the nature vs. nurture of a script, we will explore story pitfalls, how to recognize when your story has gone awry, and how to get it back on track. We’ll go through character and plot exercises, the correct way to “write what you know” and the principles of adapting a book or true story to film to know if your idea is screen-worthy.

    In this teleconference Danny Manus, alongside podcast host, Max Timm, will dive in to why a script can fail, and how writers can avoid the pitfalls well before they come into view. The writing process can and will likely always be filled with obstacles, but knowing and understanding how to address those obstacles will make the process not only more enjoyable, but ultimately more productive.

    For more information and to REGISTER FREE for the call, please go to:


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