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    June 26th, 2010

    On Saturday, at 9AM, I will be teaching my seminar :

    “Becoming Your Own Development Executive”

    Writers always ask, ‘What is an executive looking for? How come they don’t see what I see?’ This class will teach writers how to think, read and write from the executive perspective.
    Topics Covered include:

    How a Development Exec reads a script – what they’re looking for and the difference between how a writer reads and an executive reads.

    The 3 questions executives think of while reading

    The Top 10 Notes an executive gives and how to avoid them

    How an exec hears/interprets a pitch

    The three different types of projects execs read

    What it takes to get a “recommend” from a script consultant/reader

    The development process – giving and getting notes – what to expect and how to survive it with flying colors

    Q&A session follows

    I will be giving private 30 minute pitch/script consultations – prepare for your big sunday pitches with an executive who will be taking pitches!! Hear it from the horse’s mouth!

    Last year, ALL of the writers who had private consultations with me, had their script asked for by at least one company!!!

    Sign up through Great American Pitchfest’s website

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