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  • Screenwriting Expo 2011 – PERFECT PITCHFEST PREP SEMINARS!

    September 15th, 2011

    I’m back teaching 2 amazing must-attend seminars at the Screenwriting Expo on THURSDAY SEPT 15th!

    The Number One mistake writers make in a pitch is they are unprepared. Don’t become a Pitchfest Horror Story!

    Before your golden pitch, before you send out those query letters, before you give out your one-sheets, make sure you attend No B.S. Guide to Pitching and Pitchfests and Writing Successful Loglines, Query Letters & One Sheets.

    I’ve taken THOUSANDS of pitches at pitchfests and can help you maximize your success at this event in these no-holds-barred classes! 

    A No B.S. Guide to Pitching and Pitchfests (1-3 pm)

    This no-nonsense seminar will cover: The Do’s and Don’ts of pitchfests; Who should be pitching and who shouldn’t; What you should and should not be pitching; What execs are looking for; How to prepare for your pitch; What to include in your first minute; Making the most out of 5 minutes; The Perfect Trailer Pitch; The Top 15 Concepts execs have already heard; The Magic One Sheet; Horror stories; And if there’s time, we’ll take a couple sample pitches! 

    Writing Successful Loglines, Query Letters and One-Sheets (3-5pm)

    We’ll cover how to construct proper loglines, query letters and one-pagers, what to include and what not to include, the difference between loglines and taglines, what executives are looking for in each, and how to write ones that grab attention and sell! Writers should bring their loglines with them and we will rework and see how to improve each one in class!

    To purchase tickets to any of these seminars or panels, please click here:

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