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  • The Antagonist’s Journey – Story Lab International Webinar

    July 27th, 2017

    I am joining my friends at The Story Lab in Warsaw, Poland for an international Webinar for writers in all mediums. The class will be given in English, but Polish translation will be available.

    The Antagonist’s Journey with Danny Manus

    Online lecture followed by Q&A session

    July 27th


    7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Warsaw time (10am-1200pm PST)
    A hero can’t rise without an equally strong, complex antagonist to rise against. And to craft a strong “bad guy”, you have to know the key elements of memorable antagonists. Using examples of Hollywood’s greatest villains, we will go over the pathology of antagonists, how to take popular villain archetypes to the next level, how to create relatable motivations, powerful backstories, and follow the Antagonist’s Journey beat sheet to make your bad guys oh so good!
    • During this webinar, you’ll learn the key traits of compelling, three-dimensional Antagonist characters
    • Gain greater understanding of the pathology and POV of strong antagonists.
    • A new structural beat sheet based around your Antagonist’s Journey to deepen your stories and aid in plotting
    • How to look at your story from your Antagonist’s POV and how to track their journey
    • The most common pathologies and psychological issues of great Antagonists
    • Great archetypes of villains and how to elevate and re-invent them
    • What to do when your antagonist isn’t a human or tangible creature
    • How to distinguish between anti-heroes and antagonists
    • Numerous exercises that will help you develop your characters (good and bad)
    • What made some of Hollywood’s greatest villains so great
    • Writers in all mediums who are looking to create stronger Antagonist characters
    • Writers who want to look at their scripts and structure from a new perspective
    • Writers looking for a deeper understanding of the pathology and psychology of strong Antagonists.
    • Writers looking for new exercises to help deepen and improve their characters
    • Writers, Producers, Directors, or executives specializing in genre films
    • Writers who need help making their characters more three-dimensional and compelling


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