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  • The Antagonist’s Journey – Writers Store Webinar

    February 26th, 2015

    Join me Thursday Feb 26th at 1pm for an all-new Webinar, The Antagonist’s Journey! It’s still on Sale, so Register today!

    A hero can’t rise without an equally strong, complex antagonist to rise against. Depending on your story and genre, your antagonist should be just as compelling as your hero. And to craft a strong antagonist, you have to understand the pathology of why they are evil and why antagonists never see themselves as the bad guy. We will go through the key traits of compelling and complex antagonists you want to explore when crafting your bad guys including their moral code, backstories, motivations, etc., and tangible exercises to make sure your characters stand out.

    Evil is much more than an attitude, however. It’s a pathology. Using examples from Hollywood’s greatest antagonist roles including Misery, Silence of the Lambs and Nightmare on Elm Street, we will go over; the common pathologies and psychology of villains; examine popular villain archetypes and how to elevate them; the difference between antagonists and anti-heroes; and we will go through the Antagonist’s Journey structural beat sheet to help develop your stories and look at your script from a wickedly new point of view.

    As an executive and script consultant who has worked on countless genre films and as a judge for the semifinals of the Horror/Thriller category of PAGE Awards for four years, I know what readers, producers and actors are looking for in a powerful antagonist. Join me for this Webinar and let’s make your bad guys oh so good!


    • The key traits of compelling, complex, three-dimensional Antagonists
    • How to look at your story from your Antagonist’s POV and how to track their journey
    • How following the Antagonist’s Journey Beat Sheet can improve your plotting
    • The most common pathologies and psychological issues of great Antagonists
    • Great archetypes of villains and how to elevate and re-invent them
    • What to do when your antagonist isn’t a human or tangible creature
    • How to distinguish between anti-heroes and antagonists
    • Numerous exercises that will help you develop your characters (good and bad)
    • What made some of Hollywood’s greatest villains so great


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