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  • The Executive Series for Screenwriters: Learn from the Elusive Gatekeepers!

    May 11th, 2011

    Class 4 – How to Pitch Like A Pro with Jessica Green

    Pitching is a big part of being successful in Hollywood, but too often a good idea is killed in the room by a bad pitch. Jessica Green, Vice President at The Gold Company, has worked with talent like Vince Vaughn, Mike Myers and Stan Lee and is now bringing her insight to you. This class will focus on how to prepare your pitch, how to structure it and set the right tone, the dos and don’ts of pitching, what to include and what not to, how to handle nerves, the difference between a phone pitch, 5 minute pitch and the 20-30 minute studio pitch, and more. Before you take that meeting…take this class!

    Jessica Green is the Vice President of Development/Production at The Gold Company in Beverly Hills. She has risen through the ranks by helping to steer numerous film and television projects from the pitch stage to the screen. From generating an idea to packaging, Jessica has her hand in each level of development. She has spent the past 5 years shepherding projects for manager/producer Eric Gold whose client list includes Jim Carrey and Ellen DeGeneres. She has listened to thousands of pitches at every level and is currently working with Stan Lee on a new pitch. In addition, she has produced a number of award winning shorts.  Jessica lives in Beverly Hills with her husband and adorable kitties.

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