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  • The Executive Series for Screenwriters: Learn from the Elusive Hollywood Gatekeepers!

    May 24th, 2011

    Class 7 – The Graphic Novel is the New Screenplay with Joe LeFavi

    Development Exec, consultant, and comic book writer/publisher Joe LeFavi will explore the exciting world of comic books and graphic novels, educating writers on the inner workings of the publishing world and why it could be the perfect launching pad for your work. He’ll dive into the gritty details, providing writing techniques that easily retool your skill sets to writing within the constraints of sequential art storytelling – without sacrificing your voice or vision! And he’ll explore some of the popular ways for writers to connect with artists and publishers, so you can break into this side of the industry and use it as a springboard to sharing your ideas and gaining attention in Hollywood!

    Joe LeFavi is an obnoxiously passionate storyteller and the founder of Quixotic Transmedia, a production company championing transmedia and the creation of content designed for multiple mediums. Quixotic has secured over 20 vendors in every facet of the industry, from animation houses and marketing agencies to game designers and iPhone app developers.  LeFavi specializes as a publishing packager, helping creators and producers to engineer and expand their stories into books, comics, graphic novels, and manga. He has a first-look deal with Archaia, one of the top-10 publishers of comics and graphic novels and collaborates with them on a variety of projects, most notably their publishing partnership with The Jim Henson Company.   

    Previously, LeFavi served as the Henson Company’s Director of Publishing and Development, where he spearheaded their entire publishing slate, two of which became New York Times Best Sellers. Outside of publishing, he also served as a Film/TV exec and Henson’s “in-house geek” on books, comics, manga, gaming… and any other fanboy obsession most normal people find intimidating.  LeFavi is currently the co-writer of a kid’s film for an animation studio and a lead contributor on the second volume of Archaia’s popular FRAGGLE ROCK comic anthology. His other current projects include a film adaptation of a classic novel and a fantasy book trilogy.

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